Are you looking for new functionalities, more resilient substrate materials or more efficient material technologies?

Then become a partner of the "Integration of Biological and Physical-Chemical Material Functions" High-Performance Center. Research, develop and set new standards with our scientific and technical expertise for efficient integration technologies.


The High-Performance Center at the Potsdam-Golm site focuses on manufacturing processes in as few process steps as possible. To this end, we cooperate across institutes and disciplines with experts from research, academia and industry.


The transfer team at the High-Performance Center's office will be happy to support you.

Become a partner of the "Functional Integration" high-performance center

We offer you

  • Efficient integration technologies
  • Wide range of functionalities
  • Wide range of substrate materials
  • State-of-the-art processing technologies
  • Adaptation for industrial applications

Your benefits

  • Networked competences for your R&D project
  • From laboratory scale to industrial maturity
  • Individual solutions
  • Integrated support
  • Use of regional synergies

We discover for you

  • New functionalities
  • Research partner
  • Qualification opportunities
  • Funding programs
  • Networks for collaborative projects


  • Life Science
  • Lightweight construction
  • Architecture
  • Optics
  • Energy


The office of the High-Performance Center looks forward to hearing from you.


Cooperation project

Joint Lab

The Joint Lab Biofunctional Materials (JL BioF) was established in cooperation between the Technology Campus Project of the Innovative University Potsdam and the High-Performance Center "Function Integration".


Networking platform

...to promote scientific exchange and the establishment of joint collaborations in the state of Brandenburg across institutions.