High-Performance Center »Integration of Biological and Physical-Chemical Material Functions«

Lab-on-a-chip modules for medicine, sensor technology integrated into lightweight materials or smart cards for the security industry.


The goal of the high-performance center is to develop products that can be manufactured in as few process steps as possible while possessing as many technically relevant functions as possible. To this end, materials with special functions are combined with structural materials that give a product shape and stability. The know-how of many research institutions from various scientific organizations in Brandenburg and Berlin is bundled in the high-performance center for this purpose.

What is the High-Performance Center? How do we work and what are our focuses? We have clearly presented all of this for you in this graphic.

Integration technologies in practice

Our offer

  • Efficient integration technologies
  • Wide range of functionalities
  • Wide range of substrate materials
  • Advanced processing technologies
  • Adaptation for industrial applications

Your benefits

  • Networked competences for your R&D project
  • From laboratory scale to industrial maturity
  • Individual solutions
  • Integrated support
  • Use of regional synergies

We dicover for you

  • New functionalities
  • Research partner
  • Qualification opportunities
  • Funding programs
  • Networking for collaborative projects


  • Life Science
  • Lightweight construction
  • Architecture
  • Optics
  • Energy

Joint Lab BioF

Re-thinking biofunctional materials:

  • Innovation workshops
  • New cooperation formats
  • Comprehensive pool of expertise

How to contact us

The office of the High-Performance Center looks forward to hearing from you.

Preliminary projects

  • Function-integrated composites | TH Wildau, Fraunhofer-IAP
  • New semiconductor-based plasmonic materials | UP, Fraunhofer-IAP
  • Sortase-based protein-polymer and protein-nanoparticle conjugates: Characterisation of 3D structure, dynamics and interaction by NMR spectroscopy | UP, Fraunhofer-IAP

Cooperation structure

The High-Performance Center "Function Integration" is one of 21 Fraunhofer High-Performance Centers in Germany that organise the close cooperation of university and non-university research with industry. At the Potsdam-Golm site, the High-Performance Centre is coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institutes for Applied Polymer Research IAP and for Cell Therapy and Immunology, Bioanalytics and Bioprocesses Division IZI-BB. Projects at the High-Performance Centre are among others publicly funded.

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