Joint Lab Biofunctional Materials (BioF)

Welcome to the website of the Joint Lab BioF!

The Joint Lab Biofunctional Materials (JL BioF) was established in cooperation between the Technology Campus Project of the Innovative University Potsdam and the High-Performance Center "Functional Integration".


The focus Biofunctional Materials aims at cooperative research and development with external partners from the fields of medicine, diagnostics and other services. Here, new fields of application are to be identified and new solutions and technologies researched, developed and validated.

What is a Joint Lab?

Joint Labs are cooperation spaces for the joint generation of ideas by players from research and industry. In an open atmosphere, methods are exchanged, techniques are tested and innovative approaches to solutions for follow-up scientific and technological projects are developed. Joint labs bundle competencies, create free space for experimentation and accelerate innovation processes.

What it is about?

Our primary offer is the interdisciplinary, cooperative development of innovation, especially in the field of health care management, and associated with this the second goal, the supra-regionally visible competitive strengthening of the research groups in the Joint Lab and the cooperation partners from industry. Through close cooperation between the various disciplines, such as biochemistry, biotechnology, and physical and polymer chemistry at the Golm Campus, innovative ideas are to be identified and implemented together with companies. In this way, the transfer between research and entrepreneurial practice, especially potentially disruptive technologies, is to be accelerated.

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A work in progress!

In the future, you can find here more detailed information about the Joint Lab format, our transfer approaches and - the most important aspect - expertise pool of the partners involved in the Joint Lab BioF.


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