Gentle expansion of cell samples

Thermoresponsive Mikropartikel in der Zellkultivierung: Die Kombination thermoresponsiver Polymerbeschichtungen mit Mikropartikeln ermöglicht die effiziente Kultivierung von Zellen.
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Thermoresponsive microparticles in cell cultivation: The combination of thermoresponsive polymer coatings with microparticles enables the efficient cultivation of cells. Aussaat (Cell seeding)-> Proliferation -> Ernte (Cell harvest)

The cultivation of high-quality cell samples as well as standard cell lines requires special handling. With the help of our thermoresponsive coatings for cell culture surfaces (plastics, glass) and other substrates, we ensure gentle detachment of vital cells without restricting proliferation ability and can avoid washing steps. Our surfaces can be adapted to individual cell types on request and by combining the polymer coating with microparticles, yields can be increased and adherent cultures can be transferred to bioreactors. 


Thermoresponsives Substrat mit Mikrogelen, Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung und Kultivierungsverfahren für biologische Zellen.

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